Reffis, an Introduction from the Founder.

A Welcome to REFFIS

Why we were formed and what we do – welcome to our relaunched website:

The Register of Experienced Fly Fishing Instructors and Schools (REFFIS) was established in the early 1990’s; at a time when the National Anglers Council (NAC) qualification had vanished leaving NAC instructors without their umbrella organisation.

NAC grade 1 instructor Richard Slocock decided to do something about this unhappy situation and contacted other NAC instructors, several of whom agreed that a new organisation would be refreshing; Reffis was born.

Under the wise guidance of our first Chairman Charles Bingham, a well known and respected NAC instructor operating in the West Country, Reffis quickly became firmly established with members throughout the UK and Eire.

Unqualified instructors could only join the Register if they met strict criteria laid down at the outset, thus membership of Reffis was therefore a qualification.

However the unrest in the world of game fishing instruction continued, culminating in The Salmon and Trout Association intervening and eventually creating their STANIC qualification.  They asked that other organisations stopped qualifying people – Reffis obeyed, others did not.

Reffis responded by creating their Instructors category, open to those with recognised and accepted qualifications, and their Guide category run by Reffis alone.  This remains the situation today, to some extent things have settled down over the last 15 years or so and Reffis can be proud of a dignified and non-combative approach.

Our guiding category offers recognition to the many guides who have no wish to be instructors as such, they simply want to provide a service to clients on waters they know well. To this end our full title is the Register of Fly Fishing Instructors, Schools and Guides but that is rather a mouthful so we have stuck with Reffis as the shortened form!

We aim to be the most relaxed of organisations, perhaps in keeping with the wonderful hobby and peaceful surroundings we are involved with. Not for us the fierce competition for the longest spey cast or the somewhat undignified squabbling there has been in the past over which is the best Instructors qualification.  Instructors and Guides recognised by Reffis will always do their very best to ensure a great day out.

The re-launch of our website is marked with something new: a category recognising great locations to go fly fishing – just as long as an instructor or guide is available at the location if required.  Any suggestions how we integrate that into our title?! Don’t even try!

To sum up the Reffis ethos is amiable and knowledgeable people operating in super locations; browse through our web pages and you will see what we mean.

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